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b. 1980, works and lives in Beijing

Single-channel animation
5 minutes 19 seconds
Edition of 6 + 2AP

All the inspirations  from a small book called New China given by a friend of mine. The print time of this book is probably before the Second World War. This book is written by a missionary who lived in China for many years and knows China very well. The general content of this book is telling people how to love their country, how to construct their country, how to be a useful person and about China’s revolution at that time.
Everyone knows that China is called New China after 1949. But there used to be the appellation. It is very interesting. After I read through this book, seeing China’s Modern history, I found this country actually runs around a circle. They can stop at any point to do some more valuable things. But maybe there are many unknown stories that behind it have changed its result. While what about China now?

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