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b. 1977, works and lives in Shanghai

Single-channel video
Surveillance video
17 minutes 44 seconds

In a construction site, workers use existing materials to make simple table tennis (Ping Pong) board, then they played table tennis with co-workers. From the working worker's view, the video tells the type of worker who is playing games, and their working status. Finally, after building is completed, artist lived in the room they played table tennis at that time.

About this project:
Artists believe that construction workers have their own independent ideas on visual aesthetics, and the process of construction can activate their own creativity. Meanwhile, project participants obtain raw material locally, everything, for example workers, materials and time, can be useful during the project.
As project goes on, the construction workers experience a temporary change in their identity and original employment status. The workers are liberated from the social norm and given full respect and power. The artists, at this moment, as motivators, have contributed to this series of events. At the same time, they themselves discover new roles and relationships in the realm of employment.

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