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About 'Made ... for you'

Author: Shi Yong 1999-08-20

The idea of this internet work is to collect people's suggestions. With this methode I hope to highlight the kind of 'supply and demand' relations which are often hidden in the international art exchange.

I use a suitcase not only because of it's practical aspect and because it looks like a salesman's sample suitcase (and so hints to the 'buy and sell' relations). I use a transparent suitcase, because this unsual and gets so much people's attention, the same situation non mainstream art (e.g. Chinese art) has in the mainstream art world.

Like that, "Made... for you" has its special features: the ideas are from the West, but it is manufactured in China. It shows a reasonale and incredible relation in the same time (production on demand is a normal thing in the commercial world, but unbelievable in the art world).

"Made... for you" shows both sides: one side provodes the stage, provides tht visa etc, the other one makes a sample and a performance, everybody does what the other needs. Under this cicumstances the communication gained is to be guaranted.

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