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On “Show Window - You Cannot Clone, but You Can Buy It”, statement of work

Translator: Xinyi 2000-08-05

It’s better that we use our new look, as we have contemporary Chinese characteristics;
It’s better that we use souvenir sculpture, as it’s convenient for us to step out of China, and embrace the world;
It’s better that we are displayed in show window, as display may bring more opportunity;
It’s better that we are human scale, as the match with real size makes us indestructible;
It’s better that we have salutatory attitude, as we need to attract foreign investment;
It’s better that we are for trade, as we can batch production;
It’s better that we have patent claims, as good brands should be ensured stable yields.
As the saying goes: rich water should be kept in one’s own fields.

P.S. This work is motivated by a declarative article, “Rent Collection Courtyard Denies Cloning” on a domestic arts magazine. In fact, we do not really want to deny anything, but because we care too much. This is the reality that we are confronting.

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