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On "Reading" (Ten pieces)


"Reading" (Ten pieces) introduced by Hosane for this time is created in 2002, and is the largest plane work by Li Shan at the moment. In the painting, Li Shan skillfully applied a set of tensional symbols which are characterized by the rural playing-card of northern-east china. The playing-cards are totally 108 pieces, which depict 108 Heroes of the Marsh. They are the former form of Mahjong. According to Li Shan, the cards carry his childhood; they are the reminiscence of his hometown; they rooted in his memory.

The patterns shown in Li Shan's "Reading" (Ten pieces) from left to right are 5 Bamboo, 1 Bamboo(little fish), 7 Bamboo,3 stone,7 stone,8 Character,6 stone,3 Bamboo,4 Bamboo and 3 Character. There are 108 different figures drawn in the middle of the original cards. Li combined the cards randomly and the center of the picture turned into a complete work of "Reading". The main part of the painting slants to the left side, combing many elements like human, frog, moth, and dragonfly. The work is filled with weird thoughts, and we have every reason to believe that it is a concept draft before a biological experiment. The subjects continue along the right side of the painting, guiding audience to follow the moving direction of the minimized "dragonfly human" and the sketch of a tiger."Reading Series" has always kept the traces of the manuscript. The Paintings show conflicts-conflicts of time and conflicts of vocabulary! But through Li Shan's frank expression, all conflicts reach a harmony!

Some people regard Li Shan's works are under an unfinished condition. As a matter of fact, what the artist is trying to improve during his creation is a kind of "abandonment". Just as he said, "I abandon all the obstacles to pursue the freedom of art!" Therefore, Li Shan's works are pure-intentioned. Like the structure of "subject, verb and object" put forward by the artist, his works are simple non-modified and an absolute plain talk! This coincides with the "neutral, analytical, non-modified and direct" writing Degree Zero. Finally, Li Shan shows in his works the natural reconcilement of the opposites after getting rid of the conflict and allows the audience to draw conclusions by themselves.

From《Hosane 2009 spring auction》

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