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You Can Fly Higher
Single-channel video
Edition of 3

In the video part of the work, Shi Yong conveys the desire for pursuing by imitating animals' behavior. Under the fantastic atmosphere created by neon lights, music and image, the audience  reach the state of "flying". Imagination and expectation always make people excited. The state of "flying" is indulging in fantasy during the pursing process, but not after. And it does indicate some potential danger. It's just like the pain that a man lying in bed and dreaming a good dream, suddenly he fell on the ground due to carelessness.

The medicine box and the neon lights make up a parabola. The concept of parabola can express exactly the idea of this creation: it contains the process of rising and falling. In this work, Shi Yong emphasizes the rising part of it, making the potential danger invisible and more astonishing.

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Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation

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