ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

Assumption - Veins of a Lowest Place on Earth
2015 ~ 2016
Oil on canvas
Acrylic, oil pen

Among Huang Kui’s reading of history and geography, he found numerous interesting places. The satellite map of Jordan River Basin was drawn as accurately as possible, then along with the existing terrain, hydrogeological and other geographical factors, the artist began to speculate on some of the possible settlements and road connections. Huang made speculation while painting, with a natural logic to allow it to grow freely.
Huang tries to expand the “dimensions” of speculation. The painting presents a kind of vision rooted in his guessing, and it is a figurative dimension, which is based on the visible-objects-oriented "realistic" appearance. At the same time, the "invisible" abstraction dimension, such as planar vector, regional division, is extended based on digital meaning. There is another dimension, which crosses time and space, like the flickering, energetic night sky that symbolises a civilisation --ended in any possible outcome even a tragic one (the flood). This is Huang’s assumption.

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