ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

The Age of Information
Stainless steel

With a multiplicity of metaphors all condensed upon its shoulder, this very sculpture interprets by an abstract and divergent configuration miscellaneousness of information society, central concept of urban constructions standing in a remarkable density, as well as city expansion and development. The notion of speed, communication and energy transmitted against the stage of information age, along with flows of information, humans and products, is all found intermingled with each other. The extending posture is also imaginatively associated with mortise and tenon joint in traditional Chinese architecture design, information explosion, new mythology and so forth. Keyworded by increment, power, stretching, radiation, transmission and communication, the work delivered in the form of sculpture stimulates human vision, unlocks associational potential and unfolds on a myriad of significances a configurational interpretation centering around "information age", a theme shared universally by the entire world, besides the way it affects and relates to people and urban life.

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