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Four Steps of Get Off First Then On
Mixed media on wood
Collage, Wood

Many people exercised the broadcast callisthenics. This series refer to the form of the wall chart of broadcast callisthenics. But here the mechanic explanation couldn’t be viewed as serious. Then what’s the meaning of how to teach the others to practice those daily behaviors? The sarcastic and naughty expression caters for everyone. The artist implied that once the basic behavior is being “culturalized,” then those basic instincts are lost.

Explanatino of the work image:
Please Let Passengers Exit First (Four steps)
Preparation: Make sure the bus stops completely.
1.Follow the rules. Please let passengers exit first.
2.Be polite. Please stand in line to get on the bus.  
3.Keep the bus clean. Please hold the handrail.
1.Do not rush.
2.Be graceful.

Detail pictures:

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