ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

Free-standing sculpture
Stainless Steel
Edition of 3

Sculpture-1 shows a strong man wearing a butcher apron, back naked, holding a gun in his right hand. This work is reminiscent of the employment of sculptural language by ZHANG Ding in his Solo Exhibition Opening in 2011. The attention paid by the artist to "urban sculpture", or "academic sculpture", leads to the typical authority as well as figures and topics widely accepted by public. The forms of "heroism" and "monument" lie in accordance with the temperament of ZHANG's works. In the exhibition, the man in Sculpture-1 pointed with a gun at the video Buddha Jump over the Wall, in which plaster animal sculptures were "shot dead". It was a relational juxtaposition of sculpture and video intentionally designed by the artist.

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