ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

Nothingness Series
Steel Plate

Nothingness Series consists of seven pieces and the five now displayed in ShanghART Taopu come from the artist's project "TOP Event - the CLUB" in July 2011. Currently, he is still continuing with completion of the entire series.

The material utilised in Nothingness was collected by SHAO Yi from a modeling factory where workers cut steel boards for designed shapes. The left material, however, called artist's attention. SHAO is convinced by the idea that "what is real overweighs by far what we design". "Nothingness utters the ultimate" is what the artist comments on this very piece. Nothingness wanders between “perfect shape” and “required shape”, as well as “usefulness” and “uselessness”. The five pieces here are entitled respectively as WUDINGXIANG, WUSUOXIANG, WUXIUXIANG, WUZAIXIANG and WUZUOXIANG.

Detail pictures:

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