ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

Appearance of crosses-Ru Yi (Public Sculpture) 3
Free-standing sculpture
stainless steel, automotive metallic paint

The image of public, Sculpture Appearance of Crosses-Ru Yi, comes from Chinese traditional ideographs like Ru Yi - an S-shaped ornamental object, usually made of jade, formerly a symbol of good luck – cloud pattern, Xuan Ji and etc., by researching the meaning of the symbols and inserting of the artist’s personalized Cross, the source of Chinese traditional pattern elements and, of which, the possibility of the transform, expedition, development and renovation have been revealed in the contemporary context.

The process of the re-annotation of the traditional symbols contains the reappearance of the logic from a new angle. When the symbols are magnified, changed, and recreated, the experience and the historic clues might be interdicted, and when these micro shapes are enlarged for dozens of times, the culture memory and significance direction would face to more challenges.

Detail pictures:

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