ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

High-speed Forms #5
Giclee print, aluminum plate, digital image
Edition of 5 + 2AP

The "High-Speed Form" series emphasizes movement and speed in a way that looks close to Accelerationism theories and reality, and substantiates the "Emotional Sculpture" into the relationship between the audience and the commercial advertising language flooding the global visual culture. In the picture, the artist overlaps the vehicles of the two eras. Driving is one of the most common experiences today. In either an optimistic, accelerationist reality of large-scale infrastructural constructions and superstructural developments, or a pessimistic version of the doomed future of the Anthropocene, where the conquering global Petro-Capitalism constantly threatens the public to defend themselves with archaic, alternative means and mentalities, the act of driving and speeding in various forms plays a central role of import. This work belongs to Zhang Ding's latest photography series "High-speed Forms". It uses Giclee printing and is mounted on an aluminum plate.

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