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Create History: Commemoration Exhibition of Chinese Modern Art in 1980s

Author/Editor: GAO Minglu HUANG Zhuan
Publisher: Lingnan Fine Arts Publishing House, Guangzhou
Publish Date: 2006
ISBN: 7536235666
Page Num: 0
Languages: English Chinese
'1980s is an era of the strongest reformative significance in the modern history of China and also a creative era in a true sense. The thought emancipation movement in the political realm and the humanistic enlightenment thought in the cultural realm laid a deep spiritual foundation whereupon China truly became a modern country. During the period, the modernistic movement that occurred in the artistic field is not only a reaction of the reform in visual field, but also part of its practical content. In 1980s, the modern art movement was triggered by Star Painting Society, Anonymous Painting Society and the oil painting seminars in all places. Star Painting Society, in particular, set the basic orientation of the Chinese modern art movement in the comprehensive fields of ideology, literature, art and politics. As the mainstay of Chinese modern art in 1980s, the 1985 trendy art movement staged a grand drama of cultural and ideological history through a combination of social events, including art groups, art media and art exhibitions, with the modern art exhibition in 1989 as conclusion. The Chinese modern art in 1980s is not only the continuation of the cultural movement featuring an eastward spreading of Western knowledge in early 20th century under new historical conditions, but also the herald of the modern art that appeared in China in 1990s and lasted until now. Its spiritual value and cultural significance extend far beyond the limits of art history.' - extracted from preface by Huang Zhuan

The present catalogue is divided into four sections, 'Stars Group and Scar Painting', 'The '85 Movement', 'China/Avant-Garde in 1989' and 'Research of Modern Art in the 1980s'. With preface by Huang Zhuan and essay (in Chinese only) by Gao Minglu.
Series: 000132
Code: J0.1-EC
Location: WB-2-14D
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