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b. 1971, works and lives in Shanghai

Multi-channel film
8-channel video installation, 35mm b&w film transferred to DVD, music by Jin Wang
11 minutes
Edition of 6 + 1AP

4:3, synchronized, 8 screens arranged in half round, size of screen 260cmx411cm, floor area around 10 m x 20 m
“No Snow on the Broken Bridge” (2006): a freeze-frame tableau in which seven young men and women, dressed in a haberdasher’s ?nest, look outward from a rocky outcrop; boats slowly drifting across placid waters; lush, unpopulated landscapes dominated by mountains. Like all of Yang Fudong’s work, the narrative is loosely structured, favoring centripetal forces over linear paths. Here, glamorous young men and women are slowly pulled together as, alone or in pairs and quartets, they wend their way toward the eponymous bridge to catch a last glimpse of winter snow; the rabbits, parrots, and stubborn goats on leashes that accompany them hint at the dandyish excess of a bygone era.


李盛华 Li Shenghua
徐璟   Xu Jing
倪柯云 Ni Keyun
代哲   Dai Zhe
周敏 Zhou Min
周诺 Zhou Nuo
赵方曦 Zhao Fangxi
张炎 Zhang Yan

导演Director: 杨福东 Yang Fudong
摄影Phorographed: 杨福东 Yang Fudong
音乐Music: 金望  Jin Wang

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